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EFOTT 2011

This year the annual ‘convention’ of students of higher education – which translates to an outdoor festival really – was held in the town my parents live in. Not attending was out of the question.

Due to the nature of the event the performers were almost exclusively Hungarian bands, to which I rarely listen. I just went for the company. Regardless, two performances really came as a surprise.

Firstly, following my brother I ended up at Supernem. Their energetic pop-punk-rock music had the audience jump by the second song. This gig also proved that with a bit of luck the Nexus S can take semi-decent photos even in such low-light conditions.

Secondly, locally famous they might be, I haven’t cared much for Quimby before. However, they were pretty amazing live. Thanks to radio stations I knew about two-thirds of the songs but even the rest had something extra to them: a jazz-interlude or megaphone-vocals, etc. One may not like these musicians but it would be silly to question their professionalism.

I couldn’t find one, so I set up a event page, post-occurrence.