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Armed Forces Protest Against Rolling Back Early Retirement

It’s a sad day when my dad has to go on the street in contempt of the government effectively taking away his pension. While the system of early retirement benefits for the armed forces can be disputed, nothing gives the right to any government to retroactively change laws.

Thousands of Hungarians, some dressed as clowns, protested against government moves to roll back early retirement benefits for the armed forces, police and firefighters and abolish the system of negotiating with unions. (Reuters)

I took the picture during a run. Since PM Viktor Orbán mocked the unions by saying he’d send his “clown affairs secretary” to negotiate, many wore clown outfits, masks and face paints. The protesters marched to the presidential residence carrying torches, creating an impressive sight of a fiery snake. It is more like frightening, however, that these are the people that protect our land, fight crime and put out fires.