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Jimmy Carr Making People Laugh

Jimmy Carr’s new DVD is out, hilarious as always, (if you like his kind of rude humour). You know, he is the one with the semi-gay Oxbridge face you’d probably want to punch after a while. He even talks about journals:

Obviously my first thought when they said do you want to write an autobiography was, well I wish I kept a journal. But I’ve never kept a journal, because I’m not a fat goth girl!

Even though I believe he meant the handwritten ones kept in the drawer of a nightstand, spot on.

Not having a TV prevents me from keeping up-to-date with current stand-up trends, nevertheless I saw a free performances here and there. Obviously there is a lot of stealing from the big names, they simply translate their jokes or adapt it to a Hungarian situation. Nevertheless I wonder if we’ll ever have an openly rude and politically very incorrect stand-up guy. Compared to Jimmy (or god forbid Louis C.K.) the Hungarians are quite prude and pretty much walking the line, aren’t they?