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Last thursday I decided I wanted to go and see Epica, no matter the costs. Somewhat uncharacteristically, I followed through: saturday early morning found me on a train to Tokaj after only a few hours of sleep. Blame Matthew Vaughn and Kick-Ass for the latter.

Probably I was the only person going to the festival alone.

I spent the morning climbing the local hill (512 m) called Kopasz-hegy. I must have lost about 3 kilograms in liquid but the view compensated for the effort.

Tokaj from uphill

The first band I saw was Magashegyi Underground, previously unknown to me.

Magashegyi Underground

Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric followed, also not something I usually listen to, nevertheless enjoyable.

Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric #2

Péterfy Bori struck me a bit older than I thought, and I still just can’t stand leggings stopping just below the knee.

Péterfy Bori & Love Band #2

I moved to the Jim Beam tent well before Epica. (One must secure a first row position in time.) Ossian was playing.

Ossian #3

Next came Depresszió. I like some of their songs but to be honest this time I couldn’t wait for them to leave and let Epica commence.

Depresszió #3

The devil never sleeps, so they say: it was obvious that something went wrong when roadies wearing a permanent frown scurried back and forth on the stage angrily. It was on the organisers, I could read the lips of the guards saying it’s our tech. Tension mounted, some got restless and started shouting, even throwing stuff on the stage. Only after about an hour could a relieved roar signal that microphones finally started working.

What happened next I can only describe as giving a lesson in artistry, attitude and musicianship.

I’m sure many so-called stars would have thrown a hissy fit. Instead, when Epica took the stage Simone apologised for the delay (of no fault of their own) and promised us many songs in compensation.

Epica #1

They practically figuratively destroyed the tent.

We got extra songs, Mark playing in the gap between the stage and the audience, water bottles thrown at us, a drum solo lit by the stroboscopes… every stunt possible considering the space and tech at hand.

Epica #6

I have no idea how Mark had any voice left afterwards and of course Simone is still absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

Cry for the Moon taken from the first row: