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Press Release

BUDAPEST– April 30, 2010 – SeSam celebrated the 100000th scrobble on the music site The jubilatory track was Capital of Nowhere from the latest studio album of The Gathering. SeSam has been using the service since November 12, 2006, and managed to reach this impressive scrobble count in less than four years. Statistically this feat requires listening to an average of 79 songs every day.

“Music is more ancient and more intrinsic to humanity than language. I believe every person has a soundtrack of their life. I just chose mine to be kept a record of,” he explained.

“Also, the idea behind resonates very well with my achievement whoring and point collecting OCD,” he added laughing.

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SeSam is the internet personality of Péter Szilágyi, 26, resident of Hungary. He studied economy and international law, works in PR and enjoys running. is his playground since 2002.