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Miles and More

I’m home – that is in Szolnok – for now.

The flight was as good as a transcontinental flight can be. I had a good seat next to the emergency exit with extra legroom. I had a fight about my luggage weight; I had to leave some of the heavier stuff behind. The check-in girl was unwavering in her position of not letting me have a suitcase a gramme heavier than 25 kg. I gave her my plush bear.

She probably had it incinerated as soon as I left; one cannot trust fishy germ-infested presents of dirty foreigners.

I haven’t done much since besides acclimatising, eating inordinate amounts of home cooking and helping around the house. Soon I’ll have to start thinking about what would be next; in fact the sooner the better.

In addition to the usual (updated) contact possibilities my Hungarian mobile number is live again. Although if anyone calls they probably won’t be able to hear what I say: my old Samsung flip is finally giving in for good, either the mic or the circuits are malfunctioning. Sadly none of the old phones I found around the house seem to work any longer.

As you might have guessed the last days in Japan tumblr project is over now. I managed to hang on until the 18th with the updates. I hope it wasn’t entirely unenjoyable. I might continue it some undefined time later with a different theme.