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This feels like such a colossal waste: I have to throw everything out. The airplane weight regulations are too strict for me to have anything more than a few clothes and books in my suitcase. Everything else has to go.

I also picked the worst possible time to move. From Monday to Wednesday it’s a series of public holidays. I’ve never realised this since these three days coincided with summer holidays anyway. Now it means until tomorrow I can’t really have anything done with all the offices and stores closed.

In addition the non-burnable garbage is picked up on the morning of the 25th, the day my flight leaves. This means I’ll have to ditch everything classified as non-burnable (which is quite a lot) tomorrow night. Probably not earlier than 2 am to avoid the Japanese complaining about illegal waste dumping.

Until then I can’t do much else but twiddle my thumbs and stare at the ceiling.

This really should have been a happier and definitely more graceful time.