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Bloody Brawl

I’ve already complained a few times about my new neighbour on twitter. He moved in a couple of months ago and he turned out to be very musical. He has a keyboard that he likes to play at maximum volume with the window open. He also plays the guitar. Often he backs the music up with singing. Apparently he hates silence so much that when he doesn’t play he listens to various female vocalists. He also likes conducting lengthy conversations over the phone from his balcony. At first I thought he was Mongolian, but after yesterday’s events I am fairly sure he’s actually from China.

Most of the time I have my windows closed and set the AC to a mildly cool temperature. This also has the added benefit to filter out a lot of the noise coming from the primary school on the other side of the street and lately from the apartment to my left. However my artsy neighbour was making so much ruckus lately that even that wasn’t enough. The music was as clear as if he was playing the piano in my room.

At first I thought of an eye for an eye method and whenever his noise levels reached excessive volumes I opened my window as well and started playing some soft melodic albums such as Year Zero or Demanufacture at maximum volume. Regretfully this didn’t prove to be sufficiently deterring plus I was feeling sorry for my poor right hand side neighbour who had to endure both of us being absolute jerks.

A few days ago I couldn’t even watch a TV show because of his damned racket and I ended up going over. I was trying the doorbell for about two minutes but he was playing so loudly he didn’t hear. (The apartments have very loud bells.) A few kicks on the door later he opened up and looked absolutely intimidated. (Granted he is about 160 cm tall but still I am not that frightening…) With excessive sign language and resorting to English I told him off, which seemed to have worked well: ever since I didn’t hear a single note from his place.

That is until yesterday. Yesterday evening he invited over some friends and they had a party. It started with moderate noise levels but around 2 am they started singing. Judging by their voices they were all absolutely wasted. I didn’t really mind them until half past 4 when all hell broke loose. They must have had some argument escalate and started a fight accompanied by savage animalistic voices. They were slamming the heavy metal apartment door while beating each other to pulp. I was mostly enjoying the show from my window and hoping they broke the guitar and the piano while they were at it. According to the sounds they pretty much completely destroyed the guy’s room.It was actually quite funny to watch.

This morning I found streaks of blood in the corridor and a set of red-brown footprints trailing from the guy’s place.

Neighbours had a party...

It’s great living in a multicultural environment.