Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden

My things don't love me

I have about three topics I was thinking to write about, but I gave up on being creative on the account of being quite displeased. The weather changed drastically for the weekend here: it’s above 15 degrees Celsius outside with the sun shining. Perfect days to run. And the¬†addiction is still raging, I actually long to run at times.

Yesterday however I realized my iPod no longer connects to the sensor in the shoe. Fair enough – I thought – the sensor is old as hell, has more than 1000 kilometers in it, probably its battery died. So I ordered a replacement sensor from the Apple Store. It’s very neat, there’s no shipping fee and items ship overnight. Only today when I got the package it became clear something else must have been wrong because the bloody receiver won’t connect to the brand spanking new sensor either.

And if anything the Apple+Nike marketing took its toll on me as well for I not only long to run but long for the voice that tells me how much I ran and for the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of my labor on the website.