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The things I have been dreaming about lately are quite unsettling. I blame the exams, and everything else that has been happening. Of course I haven’t been this stressed out before, when tests and exams meant a lot less, when I started off from a strong base and I had confidence. Nowadays the stakes are a lot higher and everything matters considerably more and I find myself doing worse and worse.

I don’t sleep too well either. I wake up at completely off times, then I get sleepy in the middle of the day. Also the little I know about dreams is that you’re not supposed to remember them: only if you wake up in the middle of your sleep can you remember what they were about.

A few nights ago I was parking expensive cars and we were contemplating with my family – who weren’t my real family but more like the Cullens from Twilight – how to fit the cars best in the very small place available. At least this one had a Japanese connotation: parking here usually means squeezing cars into the smallest gaps imaginable.

But then just recently I walked into a white building in my dream where the noted blogger Angelday sat at a table with the prominent Hungarian TV show host Friderikusz. I started talking to them when I realised they were doing a webcast reporting a tennis match. Then the dream shifted and they were in my home in my father’s study. I thought then that it can’t be any worse than dreaming about people from the freaking internet…

Finally today I was a seal. And I gave birth to a baby seal. Then we were discussing with my seal friends that this is a very bad season to have your first baby seal, because the weather’s been so cold and we were lucky if we survived. I woke up realising I kicked my blanket off and my shoulder hurt. (I had my left arm squeezed under me one night and it’s been hurting ever since.)

Now, can it get any weirder?