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Just do it

Sounds easy? Most of the things I find myself postponing. Yeah I’ll do this and that tomorrow. Just one more day of not doing it. Exactly like in Ekaterina’s post. There are times when I feel full of energy and positive thoughts only to find myself sink back to lethargy the next hour crushed by my seemingly insurmountable problems.

I’d want to wake up early, refreshed from a good night’s sleep. Have the time to make breakfast (in a proper kitchen), an omelet with bacon for example. Then I’d go to class, which I’d have in English. It’d be a small group class where we wouldn’t notice the passing of time because the topic is both exciting and challenging.

After my classes I’d go running, which would fill me with endorphins. In the evening I’d either spend time with Nora or we’d go out with friends to watch a movie or have some beers at Happy Time. On the odd day I’d raid with pvc. If I decided to stay home I’d catch up with the latest TV Shows on my iMac or read a book I definitely had money to buy while sipping on a glass of Chianti.

I’d reply my emails on time. I’d be prepared for my exams. I’d realise my ideas rather than just ruminating over them.

So what prevents me from just doing it?