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Still Flying

This happened to me once already: I got an email from Youtube that copyrighted content has been found in one of my videos and because of that it got removed. It contained a song by Ayumi Hamasaki.

Your video “Osaka Tabehodai & Karaoke EMV” has been identified by YouTube’s Content Identification program as containing copyrighted content which Avex Entertainment, Inc. claims is theirs.

Your video is no longer available because Avex Entertainment, Inc. has chosen to block it.

Yes it’s very likely I prevented that couple hundred people who watched the video from buying the song… In my opinion if the movie had any impact whatsoever, it’d be promotional. People who didn’t know the music might have become interested.

I did what others did before, used a song I actually own on CD to supplement a short video I made. Sadly the senseless and counterproductive system of copyrights we have today prevents me from sharing it apparently. The – statistically proven – truth is that any form of sharing is not even hindering sales but boosting it. People get to like songs, TV shows, movies through the internet and then they start spending money on them. Kind of what I wrote about the Little Brother. It’s also not stealing.

Oh yeah, please note, it’s not the artist who made the claim, but some corporation I have never heard about. Am I supposed to believe they work in their artist’s best interest?

There are two others like this, the Masatoya EMV and the what_used_to_be EMV. Watch them while you can.

Obviously I can just put my video on any other of the countless sites available. Eventually freedom will win. You can’t stop the signal.