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Oh I know it’s so yesterday to rant about how great Wall-E is. This is a little like Firefly that rested on my hard drive unnoticed and mostly forgotten for over a year only to be found and to turn my world upside down.

With Wall-E I was caught from the very beginning with the grandiose shots of mountains of trash and dirt so alike live-action. Later I half-expected the protagonist machine to don a leather jacket and track away into the sun Fallout-like, because La vie en Rose is very similar to A Kiss to Build a Dream On.

And of course any self-respecting geek stifles a joyful yelp when Wall-E’s fully charged sound turns out to be the Mac’s boot-up chime. Eve’s sleek design is also reminiscent of the white iMac, and I learned from the castlist that the evil Autopilot speaks via MacInTalk, OS X’s built-in text-to-speech software.

To test I typed “Captain? Captain? Let go!” to TextEdit and had it voiced. It really is the same (with some change of pitch and tone).

Actually laughed out loud at Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Pure joy.