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Welcome to the Machine

So I was frustrated by school and wanted to post a video. However, TinyMCE (the visual editor of WordPress) decided to bail on me and stopped loading. I had no choice but to research the problem and found out that mostly it’s an issue with the server (boy was I surprised…NOT), and it can be caused by the content provider switching off the realpath function.

The fix described here didn’t work for me though. (It’s outdated as well, the file is called tiny_mce_config.php rather tiny_mce_gzip.php and it looks completely rewritten. I’m not even sure the realpath function would be an issue anymore.) Apparently it was not StartLogic’s fault.

Then I remembered that Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin – which is awesome and lets you post videos with¬†valid code¬†– didn’t update too well due to the previously mentioned (QQd) server problems. I manually updated the plugin and – surprise – everything loaded fine. So… it was the host’s fault after all. If the servers hadn’t got the speed of a rheumatic snail on sedatives and the stability of a domino tower built onboard a ship in a thunderstorm I’d never have got this error.

Anyway, after a hour or so of googling and fixing (sounds shorter and easier when just blogged about) I’m even more frustrated. And however lame it is to post videos instead of actual posts…