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There will be blood

I found out that blogging is a lonely occupation. I mean ever since I arrived home I’m constantly surrounded by people, and – as you can see – I haven’t gotten around to write.

Also my parents are in the UK, so it’s my brother and I who have to take care of the house. The main issue being the scorching sun and its effect on plants: our garden has to be watered every morning and evening. And boy is it a big garden… One never notices until one has to pull and tug the hosepipe around the whole thing.

I wouldn’t mind the gardening however, if it weren’t for the throngs of mosquitos. A splash of water to any bushy plant released an angry cloud of bloodsuckers. I had poor BH pick the remainder of the peas and as soon as she disappeared behind the fence of towering corns all I could hear was very innovative and perpetual swearing. (I did some watering this morning, the bastards are still there, and in bigger numbers than ever.)

There was some airplane circling around, supposedly killing the mosquitos, but it proved to be as useful as a screen-door on a submarine.

We’ve also been to the Sziget. Pictures incoming.