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ima the new there?

I used to blog about the they’re/their/there problem, and now I got to the point where sentences like “get there towers u nub” in AV don’t even make me wince. Alas, grammar is dead.

However, something that is quite new – at least to me – piqued my interest. Anyone who saw at least one Hollywood movie knows about “gonna” as a shorter form of going to. Recently I noticed people saying “ima go n get there towers” and such. Now this might be because of the server being Oceanic, nevertheless I’m guessing it’s a global trend. To use “ima” instead of “I’m gonna” (I’m going to) that is.

The real horror is when they start putting the “a” after other personal pronouns like: “hesa go n kill u nub” :evil:

Anyway, some googling turned up this gem I can’t really trump:

R.I.P. Modern English Grammar (1600s to December 9, 1991)

He is survived by his son, Lolzgrammer, and his spouse, Web 2.0.

His son issued the following statement:

Wut r u talkin bout? Lol, my dad aint ded, gtfo scrub, or ima go 133754|_|(3 on ur @$$!

Web 2.0 issued the following statement:

We feel heartfelt sorrow at the loss of Mr. M.E. Grammar, but we feel that we can now move on to a world with quicker communications where even the simplest of users can now share their thoughts and opinions through blogs, social networking sites, and wikis. We hope you join us in this new golden age of the Internet.