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Yet another fashion post

Now seriously, what’s wrong with the female population? Why’s everyone pursuing fashion trends that are absolutely horrible?

Preparing for the fourth season to come I grinded through season one to three of House, M.D. And couldn’t help to notice how Cameron’s hair changed through the episodes.

This is how she looked in season one, episode fourteen, “Control”:

Cameron in House S1E14 “Control”

And this is season three, episode one, “Meaning”:

Cameron in House S3E01 “Meaning”

Why the fringe? Why the Jane-just-got-out-of-the-jungle cut? This is exactly how every Japanese girl has her hair done, and I suspect the trend has now reached the Western world as well, just like those terrible capri pants did. Believe it or not, the forehead is an important part of the face, and unless one wants to hide something there, there’s really no reason to cover it with hair. Not to mention the disturbing effect of the overgrown fringe when someone tries to look the person in question in the eye.

Yeah I know, guys look at breasts and backsides first. Or so everyone claims.

It’s the eyes that ignite flames though, really.