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do a lil bit of scrobbling

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that the now playing ticker now changed to display links as well. I really would have switched this option on earlier, but the artist link was bugged in the latest scrobbler add-on for WP.

Turned out the “bug” was really just a minor issue and took sld about 30 seconds to fix. Here’s what you should change in your phpScrobbler.php file, provided that you’re using version 2.2.7 of the add-on:

$ret[$i]['artist-url'] = "";
should be
$ret[$i]['artist-url'] = "";
and just comment out the following line
// $ret[$i]['artist-url'] .= "&m=artists";

Violá, bug fixed, %artist-url% now displays the correct link when used on the configuration panel.