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Just for my beloved international readers (and anyway I think the topic has been thoroughly exhausted by the Hungarian blogscene by now) the following post will be in English.

According to main Hungarian on-line news portals the next big Hungarian movie production, Zuhanórepülés (Nosedive) will try to battle the illegal p2p downloaders in an as of yet unused way. The production studio made a special digital copy of the movie they intend to release on the p2p networks which includes a virus that would delete the entire contents of the unfortunate pirate’s hard drive. The producer claims they involved lawyers and computer experts in the development so the method cannot be questioned legally and it’s technologically advanced.

Well first of all, just lol.

Secondly should they really do such thing it is nevertheless legally questionable. Most people though simply doubt the existence of these alleged virus copies and hold the opinion that this is just a marketing hoax, and not a bad one at that. Illegal file sharing is a much hotter topic than a new, possibly uninteresting, Hungarian movie.

Whatever the result of this announcement will be I am still of the opinion that the movie and music industry still doesn’t seem to get it. Manhunt isn’t the solution, change the business model.

CinemaPlus (Hungarian): Vírus lesz a Zuhanórepülésben VV blog (Hungarian): Vírust feltölteni legális, filmet letölteni illegális – vihar a biliben

P.S. My Mac and linux box are safe anyway, nublets.