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Back in the saddle

Hey! Glad to inform you that SeSamhu is alive and kicking. The reason why it was taken down – despite the frightening message and “abuse” email address – is quite simple: overdue payment. I forgot to change the credit card used to pay for the webspace and apparently StartLogic had my old email address as well. Took a couple of emails between me and the tech support to figure that out… Then I was asked to contact the billing department, which proved to be extremely non-responsive and slow.

GizmoThe Gizmo Project however got me thinking. It’s a VoIP service that is able to call landlines and mobile phones all over the world, like Skype. But unlike Skype it’s OpenSource and there’s a decent version for linux. So, I was thinking, if the support for StartLogic is a free dial number I really should be able to call it with Gizmo. And it worked!

After that it was easy: only took about thirty minutes of listening to jazz waiting music… Oh, and they used the OS X speech engine’s voice to do the waiting messages. Crazy but very economic.

Anyway, the site is set for two years, when you should expect another downtime for I’ll sure forget to update the billing info again. In Rel’s words: “my memory = sieve”