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A RIAA lawyer, a Vista Fanboy and a blogger walk into an Irish pub…

This morning I was browsing. (Anyone remebers when it used to be called ‘surfing’? Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and ISDN was every kid’s wet dream.) Anyway, browsing, just checking the blogs I usually read and then moving on to their linkeds until I have more tabs than Safari can handle in one row.

One thread started on Yummie, then to ‘Ihaveanopinion‘ with a very nifty article about the RIAA’s legal shenanigans posted in Hungarian. I recommend you to read the original though. Diagnose and cure at one place, try G2P if you are uncomfortable about torrent.

Quite unrelated but in the meantime I learned there’s a new release of the Creative Commons license versioned 3.0 with more internationalisation and Debian/MIT compatibility. For Hungary apparently still the 2.5 one is applicable.

I finally got around to change the nonstandard Youtube embeds on according to this post to valid XHTML, too. (Definitely annoying to have your clean code tainted by stupid Youtube.)

The other browsing thread started with a blog I used to read but since it moved there’s no RSS feed for it. Laziness or not I like having blogs’ RSS in the bookmark bar of Safari under a folder and check them only when they are updated. (It’s also a great way to forget the actual addresses. Should something happen to my bookmarks, boy there’ll be some creative googling…)

In the end I stopped at Mac Thought Crime. Lately I’m just plain amused at the Vista Fanboys’ Association – a prime example is in all your gerbils are belong to us – I want to pat them on the head and tell them to go back to play with their $240 … well I wanted to write tinkertoy, but the thing is tinkertoy is actually creative.

And finally you’re in for a good laugh at the O’ HANLON’S ORIGINAL IRISH SAKE (A Mystic Taste of the Country where Tradition was Born). No, seriously, Japanese would be plain carzy to drink something like that.