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After the always too many straining hours of airplane seat confinement yours truly is finally home. Still a little jetlagged but otherwise fine.

As for why the English: I dislike typing in Hungarian on the MacBook’s Japanese keyboard. I’ll use one of the home computers to post maybe, but definitely not now. It’s something like 6 am. (Remember, jetlag.)

It took some time to set things up of course. The IT systems of the house tend to crumble and degrade exponentially when I’m not around. This time we invested in a SMC Wireless broadband router which we set up quite fast and painlessly with my brother. It worked like a charm and now we have Internet in the toilet even. Literally. You only need a wireless-capable computer and to beat the password out of us. The whole connection is stable like a rock and fast as hell. 幸せ。

With giggling excitement I tried what I’ve planned out back in Japan. In order to utilise the fast net I have there I got myself an ssh tunnel (thx xea). Using that I can SFTP transfer .torrent files to my machine with Cyberduck. Then rtorrent over there automatically starts to download it. The process can be observed and checked through an ssh connection if needed.