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Kansai rules them all

Kansai Airport made my day: they offer free wireless in the lounges. No messing around with credit cards, etc. Apparently the instant messangers such as MSN or Yahoo! are blocked but such measly measuers cannot stop the true geek: meet (if you haven’t already) Meebo, the online IM client that can connect to all of those messenger networks out there. Also, it’s completely free. Doesn’t even ask for personal information when you register – and you don’t even need that if you just want to quickly message someone.

They forgot to filter ssh though, so I could log on to my home machine, check my torrents, conclude that the compilation I started before I left has finished, etc. I can even use irc through the tunnel. =)

This very moment the plane rolled in to the gate. Looks small… it’s not the 747 with the hump but something smaller. Small never bodes well for long trips. There are people exiting so it seems the plane’s going to return after only a few hours of wait. Somehow I thought it takes longer to prepare to fly again.