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look up

As the title says: look up. The most recent feature I added is a last played song ticker. Very nifty thing, using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML): a JavaScript automatically refreshes the ticker every two minutes from‘s XML. (It is actually far from trivial to embed XML into HTML.) The original idea – again – is sLD‘s using the Scrobbler WordPress addon.

The hard part was making the ticker look the same on all browsers. I tried countless positioning methods in CSS all of which worked in both Firefox and Safari but none in Internet Explorer. (I don’t even *have* a machine to run IE on…) It should be OK now, but one can never know; if you experience any glitch or misalignment in the website structure please leave a comment or email me. (Try shift-reload / shift-F5 first, please.) And I’m sorry about the inconvenience caused by the testing. I think for the last couple of hours the main page was literally falling apart…