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– You hooked it. Try keeping your left arm straight.
– You’re giving me tips?
– Kate… I’m… I’m a doctor.
– So you think you could do better.
– Anyone can hit a ball, that’s not golf.
– And what’s golf?
– Golf is… accuracy.
– Well, why don’t we play a few holes and see which one of us is more _accurate_.

It’s a myth the good gets. No. He has to watch, and save the life of the bad one – cos’ he’s good – and WATCH the bad get h… And you are born either – no change, no miracle. Whatever Sarah Connor carves in the table, there IS fate.

Lost S02E08 for those who don’t understand.

And it is highly funny to hear that my Hungarian posts ‘feel closer’. I am way more honest in English. Even though I suck at it. (Not ‘even if’, that implies unsureness.)