Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden

Narita Airport

Arriving at Narita I had to face the challenge of checking-in once more due to the wondrous techology they call e-ticket. Apparently JAL cannot process check-ins for BA, which is just one of the reasons I came to dislike Japan’s national carrier. Apart from lacking in the technical field they also let us pretty much starve on the plane to Tokyo. OK, the flight is quite short, about an hour, but not a morsel of anything edible still qualifies as appalling in my humble opinion. The Vienna – Budapest distance took about fifteen minutes at best but we still received a bar of chocolate.

In Narita I was greeted by a mile-long check-in queue. Big ups for international terrorism for making the lives of passengers miserable. I was about to rant quite long about the inconveniences of queueing but I had to admit I ended up being fairly lucky. After the business/first/royal/etc class people got their luggage checked I was in the first twenty plebs to pass the scrutiny. Hand luggage scan followed as usual and – weird it may sound – immigration. Is there actually any other country that requires going through immigration when leaving the place?

As for the Internet access, it’s not free. But I thought five hundred yen is not that bad a price. I actually got a day’s worth of Internet for that – too bad boarding starts in a couple of minutes. But it’s good news indeed for the time when I’d eventually return since I am bound to spend seven terrible hours in this lounge then.

I do hope they give us FOOD right after boarding… the tax-free Dotour sandwich was quite small.