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Itami Airport

Writing this at Itami Airport where apparently there’s no wireless access. I only found a restricted network, presumably reserved for the upper-class travelers.  However there’re plenty of power outlets to choose from, so I can keep my batteries untouched – otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing an entry I can only hope for to post.

I took the bus to Osaka, which turned out to be the ever-famous Vegetable Express. The bus features images of various cartooned vegetables much like an evergreen homage to the Philosophy of Cute.

At the check-in I encountered a Spanish group of people who decided to transfer their whole household back home. Nothing else could possibly be an explanation for the tens of huge suitcases that blocked the check-in windows for a good quarter of an hour. The fact that one of the counters was mercilessly turned into a first class entrance from economy to reduce the congestion didn’t help much either. Plebs should learn their proper place, JAL believes.

I only received a boarding pass for the Osaka – Tokyo flight. It is yet to be unveiled how I’d board the Real Big One, the eleven hour killer.

As for now, still an hour to go before takeoff. Wish they’d just let us in the nerfed plane already.