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Yeah well, I planned a different kind of post for today. However I started working on the XSL file for my movie catalogue… The basic idea was to make a webpage where I can search the overwhelming number of movies I have. For that I had a script made in python that scans the movie folders and returns an XML file with the data. My job was to change it to some human readable format using a stylesheet. The result was kind of disappointing: I couldn’t really make it work, not even close to what I wanted it to look like. Eventually I gave up on it: there’s only so much of clueless specification browsing I can endure. A couple of hours well-spent again.

Wrote two lines after this, then deleted. Rewrote them, then deleted.

Why do I end up whining all the time when posting?

Yet another shameless filler-post for the calendar to look better…

Wonder if sleeping helped…