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I mentioned yesterday, today they launched: N Korea tests long-range missile.

Apart from that, the usual running around, printing reports, meeting my tutor, going to boring classes. I received the dates of the exams today, with some additional information. To my great surprise, it won’t be allowed to use the collection of international treaties book we all have during the International Law exam. If it wasn’t for four very important credits, I’d even be curious how the professor is planning to test us this way… However, considering the situation, I’m just plain worried.

The weather is as crazy as the North Koreans. It’s raining heavily when I’m outside and stops during classes. Of course I left my umbrella at home – getting soaked is much more fun. As a matter of fact, these rains should have come about a month earlier: June is the official tsuyu (梅雨) season. This so-called rainy season also messes up the famous ‘Japan has four seasons’ theory, by the way. Sometimes we were told that “it’s not summer yet, it’s tsuyu“. Directly asked however, no one identified the rainy season as an identical one of the four (five).