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Panem et circenses, as they said it in ancient Rome. Well, the bread part way exceeds my cooking skills but I can sure provide some entertainment. What about some webcomics?Nattie

You’ve got to be pretty geek for Ctrl+Alt+Del, and know the contemporary game industry. But if you do, it’s hilarious. Also good to realise how stereotypical a view people have of anyone playing computer games.

Heroes of WoW, as the name implies, is about World of Warcraft. Very insider jokes.

Same goes for Dark Legacy Comics, which is a tad less professional in production, on the other hand it’s regulary updated.

Lowroad75 revolves around another subculture: goths (‘n stuff) The included picture is Natasha, one of the protagonists, hugging the evil Doom Piggie. Expect some 18+ material, ye be warned.

Nana’s Everyday Life is very sick if you ask me. It’s advertised as the saddest comic ever, not entirely without basis… However you need to be familiar with the animes Elfen Lied and Gunslinger Girl for understanding. (Also very 18+. View at your own risk.)

H├Ąttest du Deutscherkenntnis: Shit Happens. Quite dull jokes, but the German language makes it worthwile.

Disclaimer: you are likely to get hooked and notice you’ve been reading this stuff for hours past. Caveat emptor.