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Welcome to Darwin!
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is what welcomes us (well, those of us that start up a terminal) in the computer rooms this year. The uni bought loads of iMacs – I don’t even want to count them, they must have cost a smaller fortune. Well, it was high time they did: the loading time on most of the old Windows ones took the better part of a quarter of an hour, and I’m not exaggerating here. Fun to see all the *nix commands I know perfectly working on the Macs. (I’m awaiting the revolting comments of my fellow classmates, that they can’t use Macs and anyway they are useless, different. Although in Japan they tend to like Macs, after all, they can afford them.) By the way, this is the reason of English: I am using a school computer, and the keyboard lacks Hungarian special characters. Yes indeed, the end-of-the-world cable-cutting hath cometh, for I have Internet no more.