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egynek jó

No school is bad for blogging. One’d think that it’s easier to blog when one has literally nothing to do, but one’s very wrong there. For example during exams I’d do anything just not to have to study, even blog. Now I made the compromise of blogging but in English. More comfortable with it. Sort of. (Yes, yes I’ll switch back to Hungarian, I know, bad thing to blog in English, bad me.)

We had a mild dorm party last Friday. Hate parties, they make me lose my control, like restraining myself from even going close to a dancefloor. (Same goes for karaoke, hate that too.) I should remember ‘fun’ is a synonym for ’embarrassed later’, doh. Being 17 is hard, ain’t it… lol

Also I met Norbi-kohai, who’s coming to Kobe from next semester. He had his interview like I did. I was shocked to realise that the Japanese Language Department has like a hundred students, including master’s course and all. I suppose it’d be much better to have fourteen classmates, not 299. Heck, even when our year is separated into six-or-something groups for seminars we are more than twenty in one group. Higher Education equals Mass Education. Problem is those 299 guys can safely ignore me. Maybe that’s not the case for a smaller class.