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for a change

It’d be too bad to break this tendency of posting every day so I’m bound to make an effort. (Even if I did cheat sometimes, dating back an entry when I posted too late.) Nevertheless I am in no mood for writing about anything in Hungarian, no matter how you, Dear Reader would protest. There are times when I miss this journal being in English. Not only for the excellent opportunity to use my diminishing English – at least in writing – but also because I believe people have different styles and voices in different languages, and in some sense I believe myself to be less tense and fearful when not talking or writing in Hungarian. Also I am quite restless. The exams ended very abruptly and now I face the challenge to fill my days with activities – with a decreasing success. I’m getting bored with all the housekeeping duties also, which – as usual – seem endless and a little pointless, considering not a soul enters my room usually apart from myself. I have trouble enjoying WoW too; turning 60 battlegrounds lost their appeal since every noob just two-shots me with his noskill high-end instance epic equipment. And the idea of getting that stuff myself is a little far-fetched on an old, overpopulated, elitist server like Turalyon.

Imagine when I’m not trying not to whine.