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At the moment I am sitting in statistics class. Figured since I can’t type in Hungarian here, why not English. Today we have an utterly boring computer class using Excel to do some really simple analysis of data. *yawns* (Was fun to see how people around struggled with the example XLS file which had no extension for some reason.) Quite hard to concentrate though since the teacher’s talking so loud I cannot help listening to him.

Coming to school by bicycle I was yet again in awe of the Japanese illogical taste in cars. Especially the young are fond of anything that’s huge. Land and Range Rovers, Toyota Land Cruisers, Chevrolet pickups, Mercedes and BMW jeeps everywhere. Just wide enough to take the whole width of the one-way street I was actually going in the opposite direction of. Weird how much they care for “style” when at the same time they cannot choose a pair of jeans and a shirt in a matching colour.