Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden

general report

Learning Japanese is full of surprises. Yesterday Tayama Sensei asked me for the long-forgotten kanji practice papers I received before the re-exam. She told me that I don’t pass the exam without the peprs handed in, no matter how many points I have. Meaning that today morning I had to wake up early and fill in the practice papers.

Everything here already shows the signs of the summer holiday. The Japanese have only exams now, they don’t go to classes, therefore the campus is relatively empty. The second floor of the cafeteria closed, we can only eat on the first floor, but it is more than enough, since almost no Japanese are present. Now as I am sitting in the library I can see half of the computers unused – a very unlikely scene at peak computer use time. If only it was already friday 4:20 PM…

The weather changed only a little, instead of 35 degrees Celsius it is only 30 and a mild wind is blowing. It is said that a taifun is approaching Tokyo, but most likely it will pass by in another direction. Hopefully it brings some rain in front of it at least which would be welcome at least by me. I’d happy if some rain’d clear the air from pollens and reduce the heat.