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Not knowing of

Weee! And Yesss! Etc. I passed my macroeconomics exam, so guess what, I am free for the rest of January.

Browsing the net I found some interesting spots and things I want to rememebr and I came up with the idea of listing them here as this is a pretty lasting place to note things.

1) Whenever I have the money I must buy Gene Wolfe: The Knight – preferably in Enlish – and then read it – preferably at nights as fast as I can.

2) Whenever I have the money I must buy Neil Gaiman: Coraline and read it only at nights. As it is supposed to be dark. My expectations of this book is to be a like Ragnar’s Rules are Rules – in a longer version. Or better for Neil seems to be a very promising writer I definately have to read something from.

3) Whenever I have the money I must buy a Chieftec BX-03B-B-B Chassis for my computer. Experts told me that the random freezing of Windows is likely to be connected to the poor quality of the power supply in my current chassis. Therefore I bought an Award-Winner Coolink AP-350X power supply to get rid of these lockups as fast as possible. However I fell in love with this cahssis in the shop… you cannot put a power supply this good into a cheap bad quality chassis, can you? ;)

Ok, book titles recorded for eternity, I am released form the burden of remembering at last. Let’s see what more is on the agenda for me?

I am still working on a translation which needs to be finished, the author is to be contacted to get his permission to show the translation to you.

I need to continue my work on this website. For one the Journal needs to be upgraded and the journal entries from the previous version of are to be archived as well. I also want to finish the portfolio page. And there is this new feeling in me… I can’t say I am completely satisfied with as it is now. At the moment I want something darker, more elaborate, more colorful (dark colours ;) ) and better designed. Luckily this feeling is combined with some free time so – unless image editing takes all my enthusiasm (I am bad in it) – you might experience some BIG changes around here.

For the having fun part I can’t wait to play Broken Sword 3. It is on my computer for a while now but I didn’t even dare to start it not to be immersed in it in a way that completely cancels any chance of studying. But now… mwhahahaha! :)

My longest-term project is to produce some written… output of my ideas constantly swirling around me in a form of a short story or novel. I have always wanted to do something like this, I have never done anything like this before and I cannot tell if it ever comes to reality. But it is possible.

For now I also have some AIESEC work to do, I need to reinstall my computer (which is definately NOT fun) and some other minor things.

Maybe I am not _that_ free like I thought previously.