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Easiest to tag until now

Did you know the longest night of the year – 21 December – is called the winter solstice? I didn’t but I read it in a journal. That’s what journals are out there for in the first place: picking up information you’ve never ever dreamed of to learn.

From time to time many ask me why I am writing a journal. Well apparently people like reading stuff like that. Just think of the soap operas, TV shows and the tons of ‘human interest’ magazines people watch and read eagerly every day. Human interest, even the word explains everything, we are hard-coded to be curious about other people. The more insight you gain to someone else’s life – let it be a real or an imaginary but beliveable person – the better. And apparently I like writing. If I had the skills I’d write for a living. That is something I think I’d be happy with.

Christmas is associated with love. However the last three Christmases I tend to associate with 1) burning curiosity 2) incurable envy. Why? Because of the Lord of the Rings movies and the tons of people who are lucky enough to live in a so-called ‘western’ or ‘developed’ country and therefore able to watch them much earlier than I. many are already talking about italready and they will hit Hungarian cinemas on January 5… I have yet to figure out the point of this delayed screening all over the world. I believe we have the technology to release a movie to every single cinema in the world simultaneously.