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Stairs at Stonemason Stn.

Finally I am at home. I mean really home not in the dormitory. Pity it won’t last long: duty calls. This weekend is a JobNeked event as well where I am an organising Commitee President. Meaning I am supposed to attend the event which requires me to be in Budapest not here at home. Basicly.

While I am here I plan to improve some things I am planning for a while now. (Here I have to admit that hinting such things in my Journal isn’t exactly the best omen mildly speaking. Whatever I let slip here is doomed to be postponed at least a month by unforseeable unbreachable obstacles for sure. C’est la vie.)

I am always amazed by Kőbánya-Kispest train station… I don’t use it too often because it is the last stop within Budapest and therefore the train is always very crowded there. It is much better boarding the train earlier. Anyway it is closer to my dormitory and today I had no choice. Kőbánya is most likely one of the most derelict train stations in Hungary. It looks as if it would collapse every second. My favourite parts are the stairs. Imagine two stairs next to each other completely alike. One of them is blocked by a chain and a big warning sign: Caution! Do not use these stairs! They are dangerous! So people use the other one which is exactly the same to every little bit. I am glad I am still here and not terribly wounded under a pile of broken and collapsed concrete stairs… ;)