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The Medallion

If AIESEC was a machine I’d say its cogs got me again. :) This saying makes more sense in Hungarian, but I don’t know the English equivalent. Yet. Anyway I was busy. We seem to have a very tight agenda for our project and time is ticking away very fast indeed.

At the dormitory the net got even worse. Now we can only browse the net with a proxy server set up. However it does not allow anything else to access the net such as e-mail programs or ftp. It does not even allow e-mail attachments to be uploaded via web interfaces. It is quite annoying. Therefore I am posting from the Salthouse again. I do hope the dormitory net will be fixed soon. This hope is somewhat faded by the fact that nothing ever got actually better there only worsened and the usual time of responding to any problem is as fast as an average senior snail.

I saw a {The Medallion} poster in the cinema today. This is one movie I am waiting for eagerly. Not like there was anything special about it or I am curious about it. Nop. It co-stars Claire Forlani. She looks astonishing. Period. And I hope that a movie liek this – I mean a possible blockbuster Hollywood big-production starring Jackie Chan might open some doors for her. I think she deserves to be noticed by makers of movies that are remebered. (P.S. I don’t especially like Jackie Chan and his movies… but thats one thing.)

Now it’s high time for me to go home and eat. To be honest I’d rather gone home earlier. But an oath is an oath (guess what the subject of the oath is) and here I am and post even if I starve. ;)