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I had to accept the fact that currently I don’t seem to be able to change the design of to something that is better than the current one and aslo suits me. I was trying to do so today morning but without considerable success. Afternoon I watched Fight Club with my brother. I like that movie. Basicly because I think I understand the point of view Brad Pitt plays: the despise of any posession and the love of freedom. And the idea that respected people of the society became animals during the night and having fun by hitting each other plump is – after all – beliveable. Basicly many times one’d feel so releived if he could just simply smash the face of someone he hates or angry at. It is only our socialisation that prevents us from doing so. But is that always good? Does it not create tension within the people? A feeling of increasing anger and uneasiness that will eventually burst out?

I took the evening train to Budapest and arrived in my dormitory some time after 21:30. I spent the time on the train by translating. I managed to fix my laptop’s battery with a simple trick. It is supposed to work with old Ni-Mh batteries that lost most of their capacity. You need a 12V lamp to attach it to the battery. The lamp empties the battery fully and when you recharge it it’ll retain its full capacity again. This way I managed to keep my laptop alive for one and a half our. The thing I am translating is not public yet but I suppose it’ll go online soon.

At the dormitory I had a disastrous evening. I couldn’t help being angry at my roommates for my turned over bed sheets. They told me they had a party on Monday. Cool. But my bed remained a mess since then. Then I broke my cup when I tried to take it from the cupboard. An easy move it is, strech your hand, hold the cup, pull it towards yourself. Mr. Clumsy Me can even mess such simple things up. Bravo. Result: broken china and a lost old cup. Lastly I had to notice that the net isn’t working. IT people seem to switch some services like WINS and DNS off during the weekend. Same with hot water. Like we pay only for the weekdays… I managed to access the net with some tricks (setting external servers) so I – and this post – could go online.

Anyway I’d better sleep now. Tomorrow is Monday and we all know how bad Mondays are. This upcoming one seems to be no exception either.