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site? check!

Every time I check my site if it is still there (One can’t be sure ever :P) I have to realize I haven’t posted since ages. This time it is AIESEC that I am busy with. Plus the general problem of no access to the Internet. Basicly it is not that easy to post for me because is not a dynamic, programmed site but a pure html one. I asked my host about the price of PHP and MySQL but it is skyrocketing for me.

Anyway I am glad to see that despite of all these many visit me regularly. Keep up the good work. :) I have many plans about future posts and other content. Plus – as I might have mentioned it before – I have a very very slow and old laptop. Now I only have to find a way to connect it to the net somehow and I’d have 0/24 connection because there is net access in the AIESEC office and at my dormitory as well.