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The start of the month went in a rush as I moved some of my belongings to my new dormitory room. (New means another exactly same-looking room as I had before.) However I have roommates this time which is good because thieving is less likely when four people live in a room. However I am not quite social lately. Not that I am there too often, I spent most of my time in the AIESEC office this time as well.

Today I was at an office where you can request IDs and driving licenses and stuff like that. It is a long process and there is always a massive amount of people queuing up there so it took half a day to get to the officer. My driving license is supposed to arrive within two weeks. I except – or rather hope – it comes earlier because I want to try our car in a longer journey. My brother comes home from the UK next Saturday and I’d like to drive to Budapest and back then.