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licensed pedestrian killer

On Wednesday I passed my driving exam and now I am a happy owner of a driving license. Actually this very first sentence is quite false denying one small obstacle: bureaucracy. This means I will have my driving license in approximately one and a half or two weeks. In addition to spending one miserable day at the office where I am to be photographed by a digital camera and where I need to fill in some forms. (As they have 2 cameras for a town they are damn crowded.)

Today I got up at an unbelievably early time – around 4:30 AM. My family and I accompanied my brother to the Budapest Airport (by our new car) because he went to a two week study trip to the UK. If I wanted to be sarcastic I’d say it is getting to be fashion to go to England. My mother was there this summer as well. I envy them very much… I wish I could go too.

The journey to the airport was interesting though because it was raining heavily and it was dark of course. I haven’t driven a car yet in rain. I didn’t drive this time either (reasons in paragraph #1) but it looked straining. I guess bad weather came to greet first official day of school that is tomorrow.

Well. When I started t write this post I wanted to tell you about something but now I changed my mind. I am not in the state of putting it into words as I dreamt it should be. This is marketing anyways… come back if you want to see more. ;)