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I just finished watching the Formula 1 Championship’s Hungarian Grand Prix which was won by Fernando Alonso. It is weird that he is only 22 years old – born in July 1981 – and already has a first place in a car race that includes the fastest racing cars in the world. On the contrary I am 20 and trying to get my driving license. Well me and those pilots certainly differ in two very important traits. For one they have outstanding stamina and endurance allowing them to drive for two hours while experiencing four g forces pulling them in bends. And secondly they are very level-headed. This does not mean they think or act slow, on the contrary they have extraordinary reflexes but they can also exercise maximum control over themselves which allows them to concentrate during the race and they doesn’t let themselves carried away by extreme emotions. This is a feat that is difficult to master for me. I am rather the flaming berserker sometimes. :)

Talking about serenity, this is one thing I like about Luna Lovegood in the fifth Potter book. Even when it was about – temporarily – stealing her posessions she was talking about it to Harry without an exaggerated tone. She is always placid and seemingly it serves her well. I have to admit most of the times people get excited over things – especially negative events – simply doesn’t worth it. There are only a few cases when the damage caused is unrepairable and when it is accepting it – though it’s hard – is much better then grieving. I don’t mean by this that temperament is bad, it is just good for everyone to control it.

Same with driving, when I get angry things usually go for the worse. I think if someone is driving fast led by emotions he is simply reckless on the contrary if he does it with care and self-reliance it is style. :)