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driving lessons

Summer with its last breath may want to make us not to forget it easily. Today was the hottest day in a long time and due to the fact that the previous month was much warmer than average this really is something. What more not only was the temperaute iron-melting but also the wind blew fiercely. It was a dry, hot wind, like we were in a desert or something. The evil weather was capped by the fact that many of the plants whose pollen I am allergic to just started blooming. Add this to the wind and you get one of my worst days ever. It is certainly not much fun to lose approximately 20 liters of liquid through your nostrils in 12 hours. I wonder in what shape I will be at 8 PM when I will need to have a driving lesson. If you live in the vicinity do not take a walk at that time! I might sneeze and overlook certain zebra crossings in the process… ;)