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still hot

I wanted to have a shower but unluckily the bathroom was occupied by my brother. You cannot possibly imagine how hot it is here. To make things worse my temples are pounding in blunt, sharp pain. Maybe I have a headache because I’ve been trying to think too hard today afternoon. I couldn’t stop brainstorming what to put on the website I have on my home computer now. Yep, I am thinking about changing a bit but I haven’t yet decided how. Basicly my home computer has a much better environment – I mean PHP and mySQL support here – than the one I have for However having a website on my computer would need it to be turned on and online 24/7. This would be hard to accomplish for it is in my bedroom. Sometimes I really need silence around me and I also find it quite unpleasant to sleep with a HDD making noises.

I wish I were already employed by a top ten multi that pays a disgusting amount of money to its employees. I would solve most of my problems pronto. After all I think it would generate new ones anyway.

I was watching What Women Want today. I found it massively entertaining and funny. Basicly the idea that someone who does marketing for a living suddenly gets the ability to read women’s mind is a great starting point. And I think both of the main characters are doing a good job to keep the fun going… /I can’t help noticing how weak my vocabulary is. There are so many much stronger and more colorful words out there. They just don’t come to my mind when I am writing. A shame. If I meet a word I think I can use later I realy should write it down. That would look quite stupid me taking notes while watching TV or reading or paying AO, but… I guess I cannot possibly look more stupid than I am so here we go…/

Yep. Well, be advised: watch that movie on DVD, you will have a good time and you wouldn’t need reading my… erm… reviews.. /Jeeeez, no it’s not a review, just supposed to be, no… dreamt to be. One day I may be able to write one. Don’t let the hope fade, check back later. Lightning can strike. :P/