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Long day I had again.

In the morning I tried to play AO. A couple of Velvet members and I went to the Temple of Three Winds and helped an enforcer to get his Stygian Desolator blade. In the meantime I got my hands on some very nice rings. Sadly the link dead problem I experience didn’t get any better. I wrote a mail to my ISP again, but my hopes are low that they come up with an actually useful solution.

In the afternoon I continued my PHP learning course I am doing for two days now. I looked up some information on the net and registered at a free webspace provider to be able to write and test PHP codes. Later I decided that I will use my own computer as a testing environment. I made up my mind and installed an {Apache webserver} and the {PHP interperter}. To my great surprise everything went seamlessly. The only problem I had to solve is that WinGate simply blocked all incoming requests on port 80 thinking that it is a malicious trojan horse that attempts to break into my computer. So now I am hosting a test site at {}. I am currently testing but I think there is more to come there later.

However today’s hot issue was the {Water Polo World Championship 2003} in Barcelona. The final was played by {Hungary} against Italy. Finally the Hungarian water polo team proved that they *are* the best team in the world and beat Italy 11:9. :D Go, go, Hungary!!