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My plan to write an entry earlier wasn’t successful. In the morning I played some AO. In the afternoon my cousin and I assembled a list of my movies on CDs. After that a friend of my brother came as well and we all spent the rest of the day outside, cooking on open fire and playing badminton. When I came back I checked up on AO, but it was unplayable. I got disconnected every minute again. Even the support couldn’t help. They said the problem lies somewhere on the way my packages take to reach FunCom and this problem cannot be solved only by mailing the ISP and then they forward this to their partners. I have no hope regarding this now.

I tried to automatise my journal as well. I conducted a search on some free weblog sites to see if they are any good. I signed up for an account at {Blogger} but I deleted the whole thing in the end. Firstly personalising the theme – i.e. to make the journal look like the one I have now – seemed really difficult. Secondly I need to find a way to transfer my old posts to the database as well. All this seemed too much of a problem to solve five past one in the evening so I postponed it. I still think the best would be to write a PHP/MySQL motor myself. Which is unlikely because I know nothing about these programs. And I have a hosting subscription that doesn’t include these.