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American Dream

I watched {Maid in Manhattan} today afternoon. I already read an article about this movie. The writer liked the film though he admitted the story is mainly built up of clichés, the whole movie however has a pleasant atmosphere alltogether.

I liked it as well. It is true {J Lo} is good in this piece. I’d say it was her who starred the film not {Ralph Fiennes}. Basicly it is a modern interpretation of Cinderella. For the first sight it can seem to be a simple romance/comedy, but I think there is more to it. The modern atmosphere makes you believe that such things can happen. The main character – the maid – recognises that it is not the fate that controls her life but she is able to change it, make it better. It emphasises that there are opportunities you can take and decisions you have to make, even if you are not sure about what future holds for you. It sounds pretty USish and I agree that. But I still found Maid in Manhattan is a positive example of the you-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be american idea.

What I liked most was the music. It was always catchy and played a decisive role in creating the atmosphere. The best part was hearing Norah Jones singing two songs. She is just awesome.