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I stepped in a new age of online gaming this week. {Velvet} introduced a voice chat program called {TeamSpeak} that allows the guild members to talk live during playing. Only a few use it yet, but it is still amazing. It makes things easier because you don’t need to type your messages and it is also more personal. There were voices I could hardly associate with the players, and some of them sounded exactly I expected. Fun.

I showed TeamSpeak to the Hungarian players as well, so now we have our own channel. It is good because most of us are in different guilds now that makes communication harder.

Off I go now, because tomorrow morning I have driving lessons. No actual driving yet though. :( Only dumb rules, many of which I already know. Most of them are as uninteresing as a rule can be, too. I hope I will pass the exam on them easily and proceed to practical studies as soon as possible.

Mental note to self: I really should write down my ideas about the next journal enty during the day because when it comes to writing my head goes *pooof* empty.